Why the Stamp Duty Frenzy Proves the Need for Automated Sales Processes in Estate and Letting Agencies

The housing markets’ frenzied activity due to the stamp duty rush demonstrates the much need for automated systems to speed up sales. The stamp duty holiday, as well as the pandemic and the government’s 95% mortgage plan, have all contributed to the increase of housing demand in the UK. The increased activity continues to put a strain on individuals working within the property industry and automated processes may be the greatest solution to meet this rising demand. 

Automated processes increase the speed and accuracy of housing sales, which are fundamental to the property market to avoid backlogs. By automating transactions, sales progression, and tenant maintenance reporting, agents have more time focused on other important areas of their roles – such as interacting with potential buyers, conducting viewings, and networking with landlords. This maximises the time applied to improving your agency’s growth, dependability, and stability.  

Automation can help the effectiveness of all areas of business and is tailored specifically to meet an agency’s needs and what distinctively works best. This means that client and colleague relationships can be supported and improved upon, which can change the estate agent market for the better. In short – more automation means more support for everyone in an estate or letting agency. 

In addition to the Stamp Duty holiday, there is currently even more purpose for automated processes due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions. Automation can facilitate estate agents with e-signatures and automated communication, as opposed to processes being completed physically and manually. This will also, in turn, generate faster property transactions, heightening the efficiency of estate agents. 

With a continued renewal in 95% mortgage schemes and the Stamp Duty holiday, the high demand within the property market will continue. However, the many time-consuming operations and services can be made easier with the assistance of automation. 

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