Why negligent neighbours and trash in gardens is knocking value off homes

If you are struggling to shift one particular property, it could be the neighbours rather than the home that is the issue.

New research by Powertools2U has uncovered that negligent neighbours could be having a huge impact on the resale value of a home – with rubbish in next door’s garden alone potentially knocking off nearly £14,000 off the price the Seller was prepared to pay.

Research revealed that 1/3 of potential buyers were unwilling to enter a house if they are unhappy with the exterior.  However – it turns out that the neighbours’ home could be the problem, not the Vendor’s property.

The top turn-offs that they found in neighbouring properties, and the effect on offers included:

House hunters take just ten seconds to decide if they like a property from outside, a further 50% of potential homeowners would take 20% off the property’s asking price if the house had an untidy exterior.  It’s all about ‘Kerb Appeal’:

Experienced estate agents normally know what appeals to a Vendor and will already be aware of any potential pitfalls.

However, if a property you thought was hot-to-trot is not selling as quickly as you expected, it may be worth a second look at what’s happening next door – and if it just happens to be bin collection day – maybe arrange viewings for a few days after!

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