The UK’s greenest cities to live in

We all like to escape to the great outdoors every once in a while, but depending on where you live, this can be easier said than done. While major cities often have a wealth of green space, some have considerably more than others.

New research from Jurys Inn has set out to find the UK’s greenest cities, and the results may surprise you:

According to the study, which uses Ordnance Survey data, Birmingham comes out on top, with 15.58% of the city being made up of green space.

These are the UK’s top 5 greenest cities:

  1. Birmingham – 15.58%
  2. Nottingham – 15.34%
  3. Glasgow – 13.49%
  4. Manchester – 13.13%
  5. Liverpool – 12.79%

However, when taking into consideration the number of residents some of these cities have, a lot of these green spaces can quickly become crowded. To account for this, Jurys Inn added in the population of each area, to find out how many other people residents are sharing their green space with.  

These are the top 5 cities for access to green space:

  1. Newcastle – 83 people per m2 of green space
  2. Cambridge – 133 people per m2 of green space
  3. Edinburgh – 200 people per m2 of green space
  4. Leeds – 217 people per m2 of green space
  5. Salford – 272 people per m2 of green space

Sorry Southerners, it looks like the grass is actually greener in the North – or at least there is a lot more of it.  

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