Managing your estate agency remotely

A guest post from property management software AgentPro

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced estate agents and letting agents to adapt quickly to the world of remote working. AgentPro and ITCS are able to help in terms of providing the right hardware, such as a computer, mobile phone, or tablet, but the software and the online tools are just as important, to help keep your staff productive and your agency running smoothly.

We run through some of the most helpful tools that can aid you in the management of your estate or letting agency:

Communicating with your team:

Good internal communication is essential when working remotely. Email can sometimes seem clunky and sluggish – there are better options than email to keep everyone in the loop companywide. We recommend Microsoft Teams – it’s a great collaborative tool as it integrates so well with Microsoft apps. It also allows you to stay in touch with your colleagues through its’ online chat feature.

AP TIP: Keep up to date with branch events in the Agentpro event log area – see new properties for sale, get callback messages from your team, and see other branch updates.

Virtual Meetings:

Microsoft Teams is also a great tool for holding virtual meetings with different branches, or with potential clients. Take a look at the Youtube video below for a tutorial on how to set up meetings with certain groups – the video focusses on education, but if you were to create groups for each of your branches, this can easily be transferred to your agency:

Tracking Productivity:

Setting up a daily team meeting with Microsoft Teams or Zoom calls can also help you monitor what your team’s working on, and check in on how they’re coping with working from home. Trello,, or Coda are other cloud-based tools to help you collaborate on more qualitative projects, at a distance. Tasks can be assigned and deadlines set, so you’ll have an overview of how your team’s advancing. You should just make sure everyone knows what metrics they need to achieve.

Communicating to customers:

Communication with your clients and tenants is key during these uncertain times. You can send bulk emails to your clients via AgentPro, and this can help you keep your clients up to date with how you’re operating and how you plan to minimize any disruption to their service.

Virtual Viewings:

We’ve seen some innovative estate agents conducting virtual property viewings – Virtual viewings. There are several different platforms that offer online or virtual viewings of properties, such as Revvis and Giraffe. If the property isn’t vacant, you can even ask the owner or tenant to create a simple video tour with a mobile phone. You can give them advice to follow, from how to present the property to the lighting.

Electronic Documents:

By installing AgentPro on your home device, you can access the exact same functions as in the office – including electronic documents. Electronic signatures are legally binding and are a safe way to continue the buying/letting process remotely. More info:

AgentPro & TAPI Integration:

Having a software such as AgentPro is ideal during lockdown as it allows you to have a professional office presence from the comfort of home. You can also link your software to a full-service telephone system with our TAPI integration – your branch will never miss a client call, and you will be able to provide an identical phone service to that which you’d provide in the office.

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