PropTech platform with non-profit roots can help agencies fundraise

Automated lettings payment platform PayProp has revealed that despite its obvious commercial focus, the rapidly internationalising PropTech company comes from non-profit roots.

PayProp’s sister company GivenGain offers an online charitable donation processing platform ( This combination of property and charity expertise makes GivenGain a natural fit for letting agencies looking to support charity through office fundraisers, PayProp says.

The non-profit origins of a PropTech leader

PayProp is part of Humanstate – a private technology services group that also owns GivenGain. GivenGain is an online donation processing platform providing tools that enable companies, individuals and sports events to fundraise for charity.

“Our link with GivenGain is a strong theme for us,” says Neil Cobbold, PayProp UK’s COO. “In fact, few people know that the first PayProp rental processing platform was based on GivenGain’s automated donation processing platform!”

Throughout its 14-year history, PayProp has remained true to its ethos of giving back. The company provides ongoing commercial and operational support to the charitable work of the GivenGain Non-Profit Foundation, and its staff regularly engage in fundraisers for various charities – by fundraising individually or in regional office teams, or by donating or volunteering their expertise.

Like brother, like sister

Like PayProp, GivenGain’s unique value proposition is in streamlining the online payment process with maximum efficiencies, speed of settlement, security, world-class support and powerful account management tools.

“In the same way that GivenGain limits obstacles for fundraisers, PayProp eradicates barriers between tenants, landlords and letting agents through bank integration, automation payments and communications and proactive arrears management,” says Cobbold.

“We’re proud of our non-profit roots and firmly believe that fundraising and giving back should be an important element of every business.

Many companies start life with a solely commercial focus before going on to give back in the future. However, non-profit activities have been important to us right from the very start.”

A time for giving back to the community

The festive period is a time when many property businesses take the opportunity to give back to their local communities.

PayProp reminds property professionals that using global platforms like GivenGain to carry out fundraising campaigns can help them to raise even more money for good causes.

“We’ve seen many examples of agents and property professionals going above and beyond to raise money for important causes all year round, not just at Christmas,” says Cobbold.

“Fundraising is hugely rewarding, good fun and can help a workforce to bond with each other and forge stronger connections with the community.”

If your employees are taking part in an event and want to start a company fundraiser for a charity (or multiple charities), you can set up your online fundraiser here:

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