Moneyfarm partners with Which? to create must-have guide for ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’

Digital wealth manager Moneyfarm has partnered with Which? Mortgage Advisers to create a must-have guide for parents wanting to help their children on the property ladder, kicking off its ‘Once in a Lifetime’ investment series.

The series aims to help Brits navigate those big financial milestones, whether that’s funding your child’s education, travelling in retirement, or covering the cost of your child’s wedding.

Moneyfarm will work alongside established subject matter experts to provide families with a comprehensive guide to financing some of life’s most important moments.

With the Bank of Mum and Dad lending funds to homebuyers at an all time high, many parents are factoring in how to help with finance, so for the first instalment, Which? have broken down in detail the costs your children should expect to pay when buying their first home, and the potential savings that could be made through a variety of different initiatives.

With house prices at an all time high, Moneyfarm wanted to provide support to generous parents who want to give their children a helping hand, without sacrificing their own retirement plans.

Moneyfarm’s Chief Marketing Officer, Alessandro Onano, said:

“Buying your first home is an important milestone for many in the UK, and many families want to take-on some of this financial burden to give their children a boost. It’s important this generosity doesn’t mean families are sacrificing their own retirement dreams though, which is exactly why we’ve partnered with Which? to create this must-have guide to helping your children on the property ladder.”

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