The importance of exterior appearance when marketing a home

It is often underestimated how much of an impact the exterior of a property that you are trying to sell or rent out can have on a potential buyer or tenant. You will never get a prospect interested unless they stop to look. Many landlords or those looking to sell their home rely on the inside to ‘sell’ the property, but it is very often the outside that will attract prospects in the first place.

The PBSL Group know a thing or two about exterior maintenance and have put together some top tips on how to give your property the ultimate curb appeal.

1.         Gutters

Although gutters may not be on the top of your list of priorities, it is essential to keep them looking tidy and functioning well if you are trying to look for a buyer or tenant for your property.

Maintaining your gutters is simple if you know what to look for- one major problem that landlords and sellers face is leaky gutters. Spotting leaky gutters is relatively straight forward and one benefit of a prolonged rainy spell is that any leaks will be visible in the guttering system. There are a few things you can do to prevent this from happening, so Gutter Supplies, part of the PBSL Group, have put together a quick gutters maintenance guide:

  • Remove any debris from the gutter. Gutters should be cleaned out roughly twice a year. Fitting a leaf guard in your gutter downpipe ensures leaves and debris are trapped so that they do not fall into the downpipe, causing a blockage.
  • If any gutter seals are leaking, remove the gutter by unclipping it from the brackets, and remove the offending fitting. Whilst replacement seals are available it is generally easier to replace the whole fitting as it shouldn’t cost more than a few pounds.
  • Unblock Your Drainpipes. Once the gutters are clear, turn your attention to any blocked rainwater pipes. It is very rare for a rainwater pipe to block completely, but if it does it should be removed and either cleaned out or replaced.
  • Spring Cleaning you gutters. PVC Guttering is easy to keep clean. All that is required is a twice yearly wipe down with a soft cloth and soapy water, or a proprietary PVC cleaner. Take care though as abrasive household cleaners will damage the surface of material and cause scratches which will retain dirt and look unsightly.

2.         Windows

Take a look at the windows on the property that you are trying to sell or rent- are they as clean as they can be? Having clean windows can make all the difference and show that the property is well looked after. If you have UPVC frames, give them a good wipe down, if they are painted or stained, do they need tidying up? Buyers will look closely at the windows, as replacing them is a big cost they won’t want to deal with.

3.         Exterior Finishings

It may sound simple but the exterior walls of the property you are trying to sell or rent out are the first thing that any prospect will see. Make sure your exterior paint is kept clean to prevent it from peeling or chipping in the future. Touch up any cracks or chips in the paint or complete any repair work to larger cracks that could cause a structural issue.

If your property’s exterior is cladded with PVC cladding, maintaining them is a relatively easy job that could add so much value. A simple wipe down with soapy water will suffice or for areas with a build-up of grime, use some acetone cleaner to get rid of dirty marks and scuffs.


4.         Front Door

Having a presentable front door is one of the main contributing factors to your curb appeal. It’s where your potential buyer or tenant will stand and wait until you open it so it is bound to leave an impression. Giving your front door a bit of love can be as simple as giving it a wipe down or, freshening up the woodwork with a fresh coat of paint or wood stain can transform a dull looking front door.


5.         Front Garden

Even if your property doesn’t have a front garden, the front door will open onto some form of pavement, so make sure it is tidy and clear of clutter as any mess can be a major turn off for a potential buyer or tenant. If there is a front garden to maintain, plant some flowers, trim the hedges and give it a general clean up to give the outside appearance a new lease of life.

If regular maintenance is avoided for a long period of time, larger problems may occur in the long run which in turn result in bigger repair costs.  You or your potential buyer/tenant won’t want to have to deal with these problems, so sort them before they become someone else’s problem.

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