How to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

Have you ever walked into another person’s home and instantly smelt something you didn’t like, but bit your tongue regardless in fear of upsetting the homeowner with your honesty? Wouldn’t it be awful if other people thought that when they entered your abode and suffered in silence while you remained blissfully unaware of how your property smells? Not a nice thought, is it.

To stop that from happening to you, you have to take action against bad smells. Here are a few ways you can keep your home smelling fresh all year round.

Make sure your drains are unblocked

If you don’t take action against blocked drains as soon as they arise, your home is going to end up smelling like a sewer sooner rather than later. It is essential, then, that you make sure to unblock and repair your drains whenever they become clogged up or damaged.

When it comes to unblocking drains, it really is best to leave it to a professional. An expert will be able to come into your home, unearth what exact problem you are facing, and deal with it accordingly. If nothing else, having a drain unblock and repair service like Coastal Drains tend to your drains will allow you to rest assured that your problem is not going to reappear anytime soon. What’s more, it’ll mean you won’t have to get your hands dirty in order to fix your drain problems!

Create a stove simmer

An easy, innovative, and effective way to permeate a sweet scent around your home is to create a stove simmer. To do this, all you need do is simmer water in a saucepan and then add all sorts of citrus fruits and herbs to it. The smell this will give off will keep your home smelling fresh for days on end, especially if you add lavender or mint to your simmering water.

Check out Ideal Home for more advice on how you can make your home smell sensational using different scents.

Use candles wisely

Candles are probably your greatest weapon in your war against bad smells, so use them wisely.

To do so, you should place them around your home strategically. If you are expecting people over, for example, you should place a candle in your home’s entrance area so that you can introduce your guests to your nice smelling abode right away. You should then place candles near the area where you and they are likely to be sat, as well as in your bathroom.

You can even use candles wisely on the days where you aren’t expecting guests. On these days, you should try placing one in your linen cupboard. Even when you don’t light it (you should never light candles in places where you are likely to forget about them, especially when that place is your linen cupboard and there are so many flammable materials around), the scent of the candle will anchor itself to your pieces of fabric. When you then carry your linen about your home, the smell that they managed to absorb will follow you wherever you go.

Keeping your home smelling fresh isn’t necessarily a difficult task. As you now know, however, it does take some degree of effort.

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