How to get your lawn ready for summer

It’s that time of year again where we start getting ready for the warmer months. Long, hot days are perfect for spending time in the garden. Of course, if your garden is overgrown and full of weeds, then that’s going to negatively impact the quality time that you get to spend relaxing outside, so law maintenance is important. As we get closer to the longer, warmer days and nights, it’s time to tackle the lawn. As the biggest and most striking part of most gardens, the lawn is essential to get right, and when they look good, they can really define a property. If you want your garden to be a source of beauty throughout summer, then here’s what you should be doing right now.

Job One: Mow the Lawn

There’s a good chance that you neglected mowing your lawn over the winter. However, as the sun starts to dry the ground of your lawn, it’s time to invest in a new lawnmower and give your grass some TLC. In spring, you want to be mowing your lawn once a week, but as summer lands you might want to do so twice a week. The key to a neater lawn is regular low-maintenance management, which can help save you from out of control weeds and time-consuming jobs that spiral out of control. Click here to find out how robotic mowers can help you with tackling this job.

Job Two: Moss and Weeds

Moss can get out of control over the winter, but as the weather starts to heat up, it can be very easy to get moss issues under control. You can tackle moss in the same ways that you combat weeds. Both scarification and chemical treatments are very effective. If you fail to address your weed and moss issues, then you run the risk of it getting out of control. Sunlight is just as beneficial for weeds as it is for your favourite flowers, so make sure that you’re not cooking your barbecue with weeds getting in the way by dealing with them effectively.

Job Three: Over-seed

If you have poor drainage, then you’ll be able to see the sparse and patchy parts of your lawn as soon as you start looking. Once you’ve done your weeding and moss removal, you’ll probably find that there are gaps in your lawn that will need addressing. You’re going to need to break up the soil on the surface, then rake over it to make the ground level. Sow your seeds and rake again, and if we get lucky enough to avoid rainfall for more than three days then give a light watering to bring your lawn to life.Job Four: Watering Schedules

Luckily, the UK gets enough rainfall to mean that watering a lawn isn’t always necessary. Sometimes, you’ll find that a lawn might go brown and dry when it starts to get hotter, but remember that it will recover very quickly. If we hit a hot spell, then you will need to ensure that you water your lawn every 7-10 days, and remember to look at gardening tips for the best ways to keep your water bills low. Check by hand to determine if the soil is dry, and if your grass is starting to turn yellow, then you’re definitely running behind on your watering. A healthy lawn is a vibrant lawn, and some simple maintenance can keep it looking fresh and vital throughout even the harshest of summer heatwaves. Make sure that you pay careful attention to your garden, and focus on your lawn for the ultimate in healthy and inspiring outdoor spaces that are truly yours.

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