Foxton’s Estate Agents Suffer Cyber-Attack


We all know the risks of being hit by a cyber-attack in business. Foxtons is the latest large name to have been hit by an online hack attack. However, the agency failed to inform its customers that their data may be at risk – insisting that it did not result in the personal details of thousands of customers, including landlords, being compromised.

Foxtons is alleged by a newspaper to have suffered a malware attack and data breach which closed its MyFoxtons client website.

Sources at the company claimed that staff lost access to customer and landlord contact details, although the group state that no sensitive data had been stolen. Foxtons has confirmed that the breach has been reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office and the National Cyber Crime Agency.

A Foxton’s spokesman has said that this wasn’t a targeted attack on Foxton’s and that multiple companies in different industries were hit:

“Foxtons has been subject to a limited malware virus on a small part of the business. It appears many other businesses and organisations have been affected and this was not a targeted attack on Foxtons.
“We have effective systems in place and took quick action to contain the incident and minimise disruption to our customers. Current investigations reveal no sensitive data has been compromised.”

Spokesperson for Foxton’s speaking to iNews

Be Prepared: Cyber-Attacks are now a ‘When’ not ‘If’ Scenario:

Growing cyber threats are now more common than ever, and can feel out of your control. Having a Disaster Recovery Plan in place as a business can help you to mitigate some of the fallout of a cybersecurity threat to your estate or letting agency – see some tips here for setting up a disaster recovery plan for your business.

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