Why Estate Agents should evaluate their own premises

Estate agents know all too well the importance of dressing a house ready to be viewed by potential buyers, but many can forget the importance of an attractive office and how that influences a potential buyer’s behaviour. If you want to get buyers through the door, you need to entice them with a modern, stylish office. Office design and refurbishment specialists Axis House have some advice for estate agents looking to create a stunning office space.


Start externally

Potential buyers need to be wowed by your office from half way down the street, so it’s important to start your office design with an eye-catching exterior. Firstly, your brand name needs to be prominent and unmissable. Display the brand name above the entrance and consider using illuminated signs so that your business stands out throughout the darker evenings in the winter months.

An important feature for any estate agents is the full-length windows that prospective buyers will peek through to get a glimpse of the selection of homes on offer. Having full length windows ensures a lot of light comes into the office too which makes it much more attractive. This may seem obvious, but you should give those windows at least a weekly clean if not daily. In terms of property displays on the other side of the windows, try digital displays for a more modern feel. These are also easier to update and can switch between properties to maximise the appeal to prospective buyers.


Interior design

Your office needs to impress from the moment a potential buyer walks in the door. One of the first things they will notice is the flooring of your office. If it’s untidy or cheap, that will give an instant negative perception of your business. Commercial flooring experts Intrasystems suggest breaking your estate agency office flooring into ‘zones’.

The first zone should feature a heavy-duty bristle brush entrance matting to pick up any dirt being brought in from outside. The next zone, which can include the waiting area and approach way to your desks, could feature a high-quality polyamide secondary sheet fibre for added comfort and aesthetics. Finally, the third zone, which can include the desk areas where your agents talk to prospective buyers, should have a distinct difference to other zones, so consider using patterned woven flooring tiles to make this distinction.

Axis House suggest adding texture to your walls with digitally printed 3D wallpaper being used as a feature wall. Your brand colours can then be used throughout the other walls to indicate who you are without having to plaster your logo all over the walls. It’s best not to over clutter the walls, so keep décor to a minimum. Try including just one centrepiece, such as a large, artistic map or something relating to the area you operate in. Use glass partition walls for private meeting rooms to keep the office looking spacious and open.

In terms of furniture, you want to offer absolute comfort in the waiting room, with plenty of seating and a tea/coffee machine for self-service. Use modern furniture and place plants throughout the space to breathe life into the room.


If you can keep your office looking inviting and comfortable, you’re much more likely to encourage footfall, which is particularly important in such a competitive industry.


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