Estate agents are UK’s ‘most stressed profession’

Results from a new survey reveal that estate agents are the UK’s most stressed professionals.

A staggeringly high 86 per cent of realtors reported to being either ‘stressed’ or ‘very stressed’, compared to a national average of 47.

The survey, conducted by Boundless, the events and experiences club for public sector workers, shows that broadcasters were the second most stressed profession at 80 per cent, whilst police officers also feel the pressure in third place at 67 per cent.

Ian Holmes-Lewis, Director at Boundless, said: “There is always going to be some level of stress in the workplace. It’s not surprising that estate agents, whose work revolves around high value assets, tough targets and a changing marketplace, feel the pressure.

 “But there is a lot that can be done to help staff feel happier. Our survey, for instance, showed spending time with family or having a day out at the weekend went a long way to making people feel happier in life and in work.

“So, helping employees get away from work, organising staff outings, encouraging hobbies and considering flexible working hours could all help reduce stress and increase happiness.”

The Boundless Happiness Survey aimed to uncover the secrets to happiness by finding out who is happy, both at home and at work, what makes them feel good about themselves and what makes them stressed.

Despite many private sector roles coming out on top, public sector workers were, on average, more stressed than those in the private sector. 

Half of public sector staff polled in the survey said they were stressed – and 12 per cent ticked ‘very stressed’.

That compares to a figure of 43 per cent in the private sector, where only 9 per cent were ‘very stressed’.

The five most stressed professions

  1. Estate agent – 86 per cent
  2. Broadcasters – 80 per cent
  3. Police officer – 67 per cent
  4. Chef – 63 per cent
  5. Recruiters – 60 per cent
Other results include: 
  • Brits get stressed 5.4 times each week, on average.
  • Broadcasters feel stressed 11.6 times each week, the highest number of any profession.
  • Public sector workers get stressed on average 6.2 times a week – the figure in the private sector was 4.6.
  • Estate agents feel ‘very stressed’ more than any other profession, at 43 per cent.
  • Police officers feel ‘stressed’ more than any other profession, at 58 per cent.
  • Those working in sports and leisure were the least stressed, with 40 per cent stating they are ‘not stressed’ or ‘not stressed at all’.
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