Could CLTs fill the housing gap in rural communities?

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In the latest report from Campaign to Protect Rural England, it has been revealed that only 990 of the 7,600 homes rural communities need were built last year.

However, the National CLT Network believe that Community Land Trusts (CLTs) can build the affordable houses rural communities need to fill the gap, and is calling for communities to form their own CLTs in rural areas.

Communities are already forming CLTs to build genuinely affordable housing that meets local need. With 840 CLT homes built to date, predominantly in rural areas, this number is set to grow thanks to the Government’s £163 million Community Housing Fund.

Tom Chance, Director at the National CLT Network, said:

“Community Land Trusts are thriving in rural areas. This is because local people have recognised them as a way to build the affordable homes that local people can actually afford, rather than more expensive homes.

“Many rural communities are coming up against school and shop closures that are threatening local life. The need for affordable housing has never been more serious. While many local authorities and parish councils are supporting CLTs to form and develop, we would like to see this going further.

“With local governments working with groups to find land there’s no reason why CLTs couldn’t help build the annual quota of rural homes needed.”

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