CIEH instructs Argyll Environmental to deliver Contaminated Land Workshops

Argyll Environmental, the Brighton-based environmental risk management consultancy, will be hosting three specialist workshops on Contaminated Land Management for the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH).

The CPD workshops will provide environmental health officers, planning officers, consultants and developers within local authorities with the knowledge and skills to deal with contaminated land, as part of future planning applications.

Led by two Senior Environmental Consultants from Argyll, the workshops will take place in London (6 September), Leeds (18 October) and Bristol (17 January).

As well as discussing the sources and risks of contamination, the experts will guide attendees through the latest legislation and guidance for the UK’s approach to managing land contamination, and explain how this can be applied in real life scenarios.

Jaime Bainbridge, Consultancy Manager at Argyll Environmental said:

“We are delighted to support the CIEH in delivering three CPD workshops on the topic of land contamination management. With the recent revision to the government’s National Planning Policy Framework, the workshops are an ideal opportunity for planning professionals to fully understand the current requirements of assessing and handling contaminated land as part of a planning application. Registration is now open and all attendees will gain five-hours of CPD.”

The workshops will be facilitated by course coordinator and senior environmental consultant Keara Masrani, in addition to Tom Venables, who prior to joining Argyll as a senior consultant was the Contaminated Land Officer at Lewes Council.

Both are experts in undertaking complex contaminated land risk assessments and planning reports for Argyll’s local authority, developer and architect clients. Keara is also the acting Contaminated Land Officer for both Christchurch and East Dorset Councils, as part of a contract Argyll has with the council.

Programme Content:

  • Discuss the sources and risks of contamination and how to characterise a potentially contaminated site
  • Understand and apply legislation relating to contaminated land
  • Gain the skills to use a systematic method for reviewing reports and stipulate appropriate planning conditions
  • Be able to review and critique a contaminated land report submitted as part of the planning process, in line with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF);
  • Understand common remediation techniques, their suitability and certification.

For more information on the workshops, or to book a place visit or call 020 7827 5800. Alternatively, for more information regarding Argyll Environmental and its range of environmental consultancy services, assessments and training, visit or call 0845 458 5250.

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