Automated check-ins reduce ambiguity and confusion in rental transactions

No Letting Go, the UK’s largest provider of inventory services, has launched an automated check-in solution, significantly reducing pre-tenancy administration for letting agents and landlords.

The automated process removes the need for an agent or landlord to send an inventory to a tenant and then wait for them to raise any queries or amendments.

No Letting Go’s software automatically sends a copy of the inventory to the tenant, providing them with the opportunity to check the report in their own time and upload any images showing issues they want to put forward. Once the tenant is happy with the inventory, they can sign it electronically and send it back.

As well as saving time and reducing paperwork, the automated check-in function aims to minimise the chances of confusion, ambiguity and miscommunication. All stages of the process are documented, providing both sides of the transaction with a crucial proof of receipt.

“We’re convinced that this service represents the future of check-in reporting and authorisation,” says Nick Lyons, CEO and Founder of No Letting Go.

“There is a huge administrative pressure on landlords and letting agents and it is only going to intensify in the coming years. Carrying out the check-in process thoroughly at the start of a tenancy is extremely important for all parties and shouldn’t be sacrificed for the purpose of cutting costs or saving time. “

“Therefore, any PropTech solution which can increase efficiency and tick another job off the endless to-do list is of huge benefit,” he says.

Lyons explains that with the introduction of the letting fees ban on the horizon, which will prohibit charging tenants for an upfront inventory fee, this service will provide agents and landlords with a cost-effective way of maintaining a professional check-in process.

“The automation of this action can save time, hassle and money for all parties at the end of a tenancy as the chances of misinformation and misunderstanding at check-in stage are significantly reduced.”

“What’s more, the time saved on administration will provide agents with more opportunities to focus on alternative revenue streams and business growth,” he adds.

Automating the check-in process also helps agents and landlords to stay on top of all-important compliance as safety checks are recorded in the No Letting Go system. On top of this, there is also peace of mind that the process is GDPR-compliant as all inventory documentation is locked into one system.

“Increasing regulation and compliance obligations are some of the biggest challenges facing landlords and letting agents and our aim is to help them overcome these obstacles with the use of smart technology and streamlined services,” says Lyons.

No Letting Go is the UK’s largest provider of inventory services with over 60 nationwide branches and over 200 inventory clerks. Its cutting-edge property software, Kaptur, provides professionals with a more efficient way to collect, prepare, report and manage information.

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