Architects using Virtual Reality (VR) technology

London Architect Urbanist Architecture have announced their decision to employ the latest Virtual Reality (VR) technology in their projects, making them one of the first architects in London to do so.

Architects at Urbanist Architecture are now using sophisticated VR gadgets which include VR headsets, drones and bespoke software to create accurate simulations. This technology will not only show their clients what their final design will look like – it puts them right in the middle of it.

A spokesman for the firm explains:

“You can see how every wall affects the flow of the property in 360 degrees, how every finish increases the feeling of quality.  This enables architects to give you a precision view of what they are working on for you. This immersive experience gives people who want to renovate their house more control over their project than ever before.” 

The use of new technologies within the building industry has continued to increase over the years, and the arrival of the Urbanist 4D Reality is set to be a real game changer for the word of architecture and property development.

Clients keen to learn more about the new service can contact Urbanist Architecture on 0203 793 78 78 or email

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