5 Benefits of Virtual House Tours

In a new digital market, 360 virtual tours are an excellent feature for agents to provide in order to show potential buyers around a property from the comfort of their own home.

Virtual tours allow users to take a “visual walk” through a home or apartment available for sale – in a very similar way to Google’s ‘Street View’ Feature, only inside a property. They can virtually view every room, froom any angle, with a few mouse clicks. Compared to photos and videos, this technology offers a more accurate and realistic experience, and allows the viewer to feel like they have more control.

Here are some of the key benefits to providing potential buyers with a Virtual Property Tour:

1. Save Time:

As an estate agent, time is of the essence. A virtual tour does not replace an actual viewing, but rather acts as a ‘first glance’ viewing, allowing your actual face to face viewings to be more qualified.

By streamlining the time spent searching and narrowing down properties to view, buyers will only plan viewings for those in which they are most interested. This can relieve an estate agent hours of time, allowing them to focus on other tasks and become more efficient.

2. Save Money:

Allowing potential clients to view properties themselves saves money. How? You will save money and time driving back and forth to unqualified leads with no guarantee they will buy.

There is also the ongoing myth that Virtual Tours cost are expensive to create – which is why many agents, who may already be aware of virtual tours, don’t use them.

However, there are a multitude of tools online now for people who want a cost-effective solution to 360 degree tours.

3. SEO Benefits for your website:

Property listings with virtual tours receive over 40 percent more clicks compared to those using images. This cutting-edge technology can drive massive traffic to your website. As a result, you’ll attract more clients.

Your bounce rate will also see a drop – in general, virtual tours take approximately one minute – meaning that people will spend more time on your site. As a result, your bounce rate will drop.

4. Accessibility:

A virtual tour will open your listings up to a much wider audience – including people with restricted mobility. Virtual tours provide huge benefits to those who find it impossible or difficult to view properties in person.

Visiting numerous properties when seeking a new home is time-consuming and draining for everybody; even more so for those with disabilities. Virtual tours allow a more inclusive approach, allowing anyone to view a prospective home without having to travel there, until they are convinced that it is a property that they are interested in.

5. Vendor Benefits:

Statistically, 60% of viewings are done on evenings and weekends. This is both inconvenient for potential buyers, who more often than not have to come back for a second viewing during the daylight, but also for vendors, who have their routine disturbed and have strangers coming into their home at all times of the day.

A virtual tour means that vendors won’t have as much disturbance and disruption to their normal routine, as less buyers will be viewing their property in person. Now buyers can get an accurate look online first.

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